Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Jacket

Available all told sizes-jackets (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL) conjointly Custom-Size

Product Details:”Ghost Protocol Tom Cruise commission Jacket

  • 100% Real animal skinGhost-Protocol-Tom-Cruise-Mission-Impossible-Jacket-black-300x375
  • Quality sewing
  • within Pocketsdownload
  • prime Cap Jacket
  • prime quality Guaranteed!
  • Lined with swish polyester
  • A hood connected to the collar
  • Zipped cuffs
  • A pocket on a chest and 2 pockets on the waist length
  • A storm flap covering the front nothing
  • Abdomen length

Slim Leather Jackets animal skin conjointly provides all types of jackets like diversion, movie, Halloweens, celebrity and Hollywoodjackets etc… On your alternative and order base.

Leather Hooded commission animal skin Jacket.

An inspired reproduction of the one worn by Tom Cruise, as character Ethan Hunt within the flick commission four Ghost Protocol 2011.This commission Jacket is formed from wrinkled animal skin with the addition of detachable hood, conjointly options a zipper fastening closure and 4 pockets at front, 2 being on chest and 2 at the waist line endorsing vogue and convenience within the vesture.



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