Max Guevera Dark Angel Season two Black Jacket

Max Guevera Dark Angel Season two Black Jacket
For the female out there World Health Organization ar willing to hold associate outfit through that they will flaunt their boldness and liberalism, this wear appears around match. As worn by goop Guevera (played by Jessica Alba) within the celebrated drama series “Dark Angel”, this jacket is that the masterpiece of the efficient fashion designers with radical thoughts.

The fashion designers have given this jacket a full nada closure with vertical handicraft detail over the front, rise collar and zipped cuffs adding dignity, class and class to your personage. Our craftsmen have paid thorough attention to each cut associated detail creating it an correct duplicate. Place this jacket on your body and luxuriate in your broadmindedness.


Product Specification:Dark Angel_Max_Guevera_Season_Jacket

  • Tv Series: Dark Angel
  • Outfit type: Black Jacket
  • Gender: feminine
  • Exterior material: 100 percent real animal skin
  • Internal material: Lining polyester
  • Style:Full nada closure with stand-up collar



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