Leonardo DiCaprio “Billy Costigan” Departed Leather Jacket

Gentlemen hold your seat tightly; the foremost anticipated jacket is here. It’s time to bring some amendment in your wardrobe, amendment it with celebrity vogue. The Departed dicaprio jacket, the one that was worn by architect Dicaprio is prepared for you to get. This Departed architect DiCaprio jacket is that the new style for fashion Freakers, extremely chin and well-designed jacket. provides a new focus to your temperament and grab it currently at the foremost economic worth.

Product Specification:”Leonardo DiCaprio “Billy Costigan” Departed Leather Jacket 

  • Front open, terribly appropriate for casual wearDeparted Leonardo DiCaprio Leather Jacket 3-700x700
  • Movie: The Departed (2006)
  • Long sleeves
  • Plain back
  • Low worth and prime quality secure
  • 100% leather
  • Movie: Departed
  • Worn by architect Dicaprio
  • Designed with High attention to detail
  • Premium sewing throughout

Price$250.00 $180.00


Free shipping USA, UK and Canada on all orders

When you place your order, a jacket is formed particularly for you and that we would appreciate you taking the time to be as positive as you’ll in selecting the dimensions you would like. we tend to are aware of it isn’t straightforward to shop for a jacket over the web therefore please be at liberty to email or decision U.S. for any assist you want.


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