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Captain America First Avengers Chris Evans Jacket

Chris-Evans-Genuine-Leather-JacketCaptain-America-First-Avengers-as-worn-by-Chris-Evans-Genuine-Leather-JacketdownloadPrice: $280.00  $195.00


Leather Jacket Guru is proud to supply this galvanized jacket from The Captain America: the primary assaulter. This jacket was worn by Chris Evans as Steve Rogers. when being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a prime secret scientific research that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defensive America’s ideals. This jacket is formed as near original as potential with high attention to details like soft shoulders details on sleeves etc. Few modifications have created to form it wearable as biker vogue animal skin jacket. we provide free cargo worldwide, this jacket has tab solon vogue collar, front YKK nothing closure, tab closed


Snow lockout Guy Pearce as Marion Vintage Distressed Men’s Biker Leather Jacket

This opposition animal skin Jacket has been purposefully designed by a number of the revolutionary fashion designers of our gift era for lockup your individuality with gripping tenor and groove.

Appeared in French picture show – Lockout; this distress brown animal skin jacket was worn by Guy Pearce, reprising the role as ‘Snow’. within the picture show Guy Pearce Jacket is formed of 100% real cowhide animal skin distressed. It gets a full nada closure, get on my feet collar and straight-cut cuffs.

The unconventional pocketing kind of this jacket plainly portrays the slog and ingenuity of its designers. The patch particularisation over the shoulder and elbow region. The sewing of the opposition distressed jacket is incredibly sturdy, and also the polyester lining is extraordinarily sleek for your skin!

Product Specification:”Snow lockout Guy Pearce as Marion Vintage Distressed Men’s Biker Leather Jacket

Premium Quality Real Cowhide Distress animal skinsnow-lockout-leather-jacket
Polyester lining within
Quality acquirement
trendy cuts and ideal length
Premium sewing throughout
get on my feet collar
absolutely zipped front closure
Straight hem cuffs
2 semi-elliptical pockets at the chest; 2 semi-elliptical pockets at the waist


Will Smith Hancock Leather Jacket

Will Smith doesn’t solely have his skills in acting/singing, however conjointly has his style for fashion, particularly in his animal skin wear. In his moving picture referred to as Hancock, he wore his black coriaceous costume, that happens to be his superhero outfit as he’s a superhero within the moving picture. Black goes in everything and it’s one amongst those colours that set best for an ideal wanting jacket.


For all the fans of can Smith and for people who enjoyed Hancock moving picture, his superhero jacket has been placed on sale within the reproduction kind so you can also be the superhero of your own.